1. Brush them Daily
Brushing your dog or cat’s teeth daily help remove tartar which is the beginnings of plaque which would lead to calculus.

2. Appropriate Chew Toys and Treats

Choosing an appropriate chew toy or treat helps keep tartar off your dog or cats teeth. You need to pick the correct size and one that works. Figuring out what works is really hard since every treat manufacturer’s marketing people have jumped on the band wagon. Now doing these treats do not replace getting their teeth cleaned but it does help maintain overall tooth health.

Examples of appropriate teeth cleaning chew toys are:  Enzadent chews, Royal canine dental diet, CET chews and Kongs are great examples

3. Get those Teeth Professionally Cleaned by your Veterinarian Yearly

A professional cleaning includes anesthesia, blood diagnostics and monitoring along with charting. The problem with teeth is that they are like trees. They have roots and if the roots aren’t healthy then the teeth are not healthy. If you can find the diseased roots and treat them then the tooth might be saved. But first, you have to clean the teeth, probe under the gum line and then you have to document any abnormalities you find so they can be monitored over the lifetime of the pet. If the disease has progressed or the tooth is dead then the affected teeth will need to be pulled.