Step 1 Brush daily
Your dentist is right you need to brush your own teeth every time after you eat. It is the same with your own dog but we are only asking you to do it daily. Use only pet approved enzymatic toothpaste and no human products (unless approved by your vet). Brushing should be easy. It is just once a day occurrence. If you need help training your pet on how to allow you to brush their teeth please call us any time 309-981-5112

Step 2  Proper Chew toys
Choose wisely in your dental treats and things to keep your pet busy. Some good ones are Enzadent treats, CET treats and KONG toys. Chew things to avoid are real bones (especially cooked), antlers, anything they can swallow hole and all strings. Any questions please call us and we will let you know.

Step 3 Clean their teeth yearly
Having your pet’s teeth cleaned professionally every year helps to prevent decay. A professional cleaning includes ultrasonic scaling, probing, polishing, and a fluoride treatment. We also highly recommend yearly dental x-rays to look for disease below the gum line.