During this holiday season, all pet parents will be inundated with information about what foods they can’t feed their dogs or cats on this holiday season. However, the day after Thanksgiving, we at the veterinary clinics realize a lot of people’s guests just can’t resist those cute eyes. Our pets even will break into the garbage or steal it if those big puppy brown sad eyes don’t work. Which will inevitably lead you to our door with one sick doggy. Since I know they will get something this holiday let us make sure you know what they can have and what they can’t.

First DO NOT let them eat:

  1. Fatty foods (turkey skin and drippings are in this category)
  2. Onions
  3. Grapes or raisins
  4. Chocolate
  5. BONES!!

They can have these foods: (as long as you don’t cook them in butter or other yummy sauces)

  1.  Green beans
  2.  Carrots
  3.  Cheerios
  4.  Their own kibble
  5.  Cut up pieces of apples
  6.  Cut up pieces pears.

So the next time you see your dad or grandpa “secretly” flinging your dog some table food. Go ahead and put these foods in their hands instead. If you catch them in time maybe you can avoid a trip to see us the veterinarian on Black Friday while keeping your whole family happy.