It’s no secret: Most cats do not enjoy being taken from their comfortable environment, placed in a carrier, and hauled off to the veterinarian, where strangers poke and prod them, dogs want to sniff them (or chase them or eat them or play with them), and the smells of unknown cats fill the air. Since we can’t communicate to our cats that they’re simply visiting the doctor and that they’ll be back home soon, it’s probably a terrifying experience for them (and, it’s often an unpleasant experience for cat owners, too).

Because visiting the vet can be so difficult for cats, cat owners often avoid taking their cats in for regular preventive care exams. In fact, many cats only see a veterinarian when their owners can tell they are ill. And since cats hide illness so effectively, once they are showing outward signs of illness, it’s often too late for effective treatment and their owners end up spending more money trying to combat the problem.

  1. Free treats and Easy cheese. Every cat should be allowed to have a snack and be as comfortable as possible at the vet. We do this at Prairie Animal hospital by providing catnip and kitty refreshments at every appointment.
  2. Cats are Ninja Masters: They hide disease very well. It can take a person trained in the medical arts to unmask this disease. The average vet will find 2 things wrong that a good and attentive owner has overlooked.
  3. We want to chart their weight. Sometimes when we can chart the cat’s weight we can see a trend that will allow us to find a disease and intervene early. This allows us to prevent a cat not from showing more symptoms and feeling worse
  4. Yearly blood work will give us a snapshot of how the internal organs are functioning. Bloodwork yearly is like the check engine light in your car. It is great to have so that you know when we need diagnostics or come to the vet.
  5. We want to train cats to like the vet clinic so that their stays at a vet clinic stays are less stressful and we can keep costs down.

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