Dear All Prairie Animal Hospital patients and their fur parents,

Please be advised there is a new epidemic of canine influenza in Chicago with over a 1000 dogs sick and 5 who have died. If you are going to Chicago area please leave your dogs at home. All dog owners who are traveling from Chicago need to keep their dogs separate from all other dogs, including those of other family members.  If exposure occurs, the current recommendation is for a 3 week home quarantine period.  If they must go to Chicago they should avoid all areas where dogs may gather such as dog parks, dog beaches, groomers, dog daycare and kennels.

If any dogs become ill with signs of Canine Influenza, please call us as soon as possible.

Dogs who are presenting with “kennel cough” symptoms are encouraged to call us immediately. The symptoms are listed below.

A vaccine is also available for this disease but it only works if used prior to infection. All dogs coming to the clinic for day care are now required to have vaccine.  Please call us to set up an appointment to get this vaccine as soon as possible.

Signs of CIV (canine Influenza) include:
·     A dry hacking cough
·     Coughing up a white, foamy phlegm
·     Lethargy (being very tired)
·     Vomiting
·     Lack of appetite
·     Runny nose
·     Rapid breathing
·     Fever

Please call us at 309-981-5112 to schedule your vaccine apt.

Dr. Rachael Kuhn and staff