I want to first say to all the artists out there you rock. I can not do what you do at all. I can not understand how you figure out which color looks good with that color nor do I understand that whole rule of three. “Rule of three”??? Where I come from it means: very bad things are going to happen three times. In my profession, this usually requires three changes of outfits. Each one more unmatched than the last until I get to my trusty blue scrubs which look like I went through a muddy battlefield.  It did. It is called the laundry room, which houses my kids’ muddy clothes, my bloody clothes, and my laundry abilities. At least it is clean, ugly but clean.

So when I stop off at the end of the day at Dairy Queen to pick up a birthday cake for my son and then head to said birthday party I hope no one judges me on my appearance. Because I know it is bad but I will NOT miss my kids birthday party because of an outfit being a little bloody. I am reminded of this as I try to make pretty pictures of what we do. You would think it is easy since I work with adorable kitties and doggies all day but it isn’t. It is medicine, it is blood, guts, and “lovely” diseases.

We try and educate people by making pictures to view that will not get us put onto any FBI watchlist. However, that is hard and takes a team. My husband has to preview them to make sure they aren’t gross. My staff has to make sure it has appropriate language for normal people (non-veterinary people) and then I go to my very good friend Jessie (her name has been changed to protect her identity). She makes sure it is pretty and looks professional.  Thus creating nothing that I had started out with.

I would rather use calculus equations than be asked to use photoshop. Although I find Canva easier, it is still the most frustrating part of the day. Give me a snarling 200 lb mastiff named “Princess” trying to eat me any day over trying to draw a picture.  Here is something my techs pulled together for me below. Nothing that I started out with, is there anymore. However, it is currently husband and Jessie approved. I guess that is why I hired them. So that they can do what I can not, freeing me to continue on saving pet lives and grossing out the Dairy Queen staff.