At Prairie Animal Hospital, we offer a full list of animal diagnostic services. As part of our diagnostic processes, we listen to the lungs and the heart for any abnormal sounds, heart rhythm, and heart rate.

  • We check the abdomen for masses, fluid buildup, or the presence of pain.
  • We feel for enlargement of the lymph nodes and thyroid glands.
  • We will check your animal’s teeth for tartar buildup as well as signs of disease.
  • At the same time, we check the mouth for any masses or inflammation that could be signs of other issues.
  • The ears are checked for infection, as well as the eyes for any abnormalities.

We will examine your pets skin and coat for signs of parasites, infection, lumps, masses, or discolorations. We will check your pet’s musculoskeletal system for signs of swelling or lameness. We also will observe your pet for changes in the mental or nervous system.

Veterinary Diagnostics Available:

  • The Veterinarians and veterinary Team members here at Prairie Animal Hospital trust and love our diagnostic in-house Laboratory from Idexx. Idexx offers a comprehensive chemistry profile with amylase and lipase, making it ideal for canine and feline patients.
  • We can combine a CBC, electrolytes, chemistries and tests such as total T4, when indicated.
  • We can do this in about 20-30 minutes while you wait. No more waiting for veterinary tests overnight for most labs.
  • With Idexx and its full software integration, we can e-mail you results quickly and we have access to a Pet Health Network.
  • You can look up any questions that you may have about veterinary diagnostics.

Other diagnostic services include digital x-ray and ultrasound capabilities. Digital dental x-rays will be coming soon to further our ability to remove and treat dental disease in dogs and cats.

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