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Earth Day
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Earth Day

At Prairie Animal Hospital we try to keep costs down and stuff out of the landfill.

In honor of Earth Day

We accept donated old but good blankets and towels to help keep pets comfortable in their kennels ( Except Cardinal Gear) Go Cubs!!!

  • We wash all our bedding on cold
  • We recycle all of our white paper, cardboard, cans and bottles
  • Paperlite Practice with online forms
  • Al medical records are e-mailed, all results are also e-mailed to owners
  • Native plants and plants in all of our landscaping. This decreases our water consumption. We just planted water basin plants in our water retention areas along Partridge Road
  • All LED lighting, motion-activated on/off lights, Energy Star appliances, and high-efficiency HVAC
  • Accept donated human health care surplus goods
    Looking for used but good oxygen concentrators, icing apparatus for rehab. Please e-mail us before donating we can’t always use everything human healthcare does