Hello again everyone. As this month approached and I saw again how it was heartworm awareness month, I groaned. As a veterinarian, you give the “you need to be on heartworm prevention” speech every day, all day. You hear the same old excuses; “my cat is inside only, it is winter, I swear you didn’t tell me about this heart thing years ago and my all time favorite of we don’t need it.” Over and over. So what did I do, silently I groaned again. It is so easy to place your dog on heartworm and tick prevention nowadays that I just don’t understand why people don’t do it.


Then I found this little guy, on my cat inside my house and I didn’t freak out.
 Why? You might ask because I put all my pets on their tick/flea and heartworm prevention year round. Yes, I love my pets but really why do I use the prevention year round? It is because of these three little munchkins.
 Because I know that I don’t always catch everything. Ticks and fleas find warm microhabitats, even in winter, and are just waiting to feast on my pets and kids. I am human and my kids are the most important people in my life. So in order to protect my kids, I protect my pets. As a veterinarian, I love protecting and treating my patients along with my own pets because I know that by treating them I am putting a barrier of protection around my kids. Does that mean my kids don’t bring ticks into my house? Hell no. They bring those little buggers in just like they bring in frogs, except they don’t know they have the tick or flea. Plus even if they did know, they are probably like me and will try to figure out what species it is first. Leaving it alive with a chance to escape. So then my children could be exposed to Lyme and other diseases. I do NOT have time nor the stomach to watch my own kids fight Lyme disease. So I protect my furr kids in order to protect my human kids.  Protect your pets to also protect your self.
Oh, and by the way, the tick in the 1st picture is a deer tick that could carry Lyme disease. The last picture is my child hugging the cat that had the tick before I found the tick. I am just glad that it was a dead tick. The only good tick is a dead tick. I will do a blog on heartworms next week instead. check out www.capc.org for more information