Checking the ears
Examining mouth and gums
Opening the eyelids
Squeezing the feet
Handling and trimming the toenails
Pinching skin
Poking the skin with a capped pen
Touching and squeezing the nose
Poking the nose with a capped pen
Cradling puppy in your arms on its back
Holding him in your lap
Holding puppy upside down
Holding puppy on its back while giving a belly rub
Hugging your puppy
Pulling the collar (gotcha)
Grabbing puppy by other part of body
Wiping body with a towel
Putting on a head halter
Putting on a harness
Play with a big dog
Play with a small dog
Play with a cat
People of many ethnicities
Tall men
Men with deep voices
Men with beards
Elderly People wearing hats
People wearing Ugg® boots
People wearing hoodies
People wearing backpacks
People wearing sunglasses
People with canes
Walking sticks or walkers
Teenagers Children standing as well as playing
Toddlers (walking and squealing)
Infants (crawling)
People running by
Indigent or homeless people
Unfamiliar Dogs Dogs who play well
A dog who will reprimand puppies with appropriate force and restraint for getting into his personal space
With puppies who play well and do not get overly aroused
Horses and livestock
Any types of pets you may have
New surfaces
Slippery floors such as hardwood, linoleum or marble
Metal surfaces-such as manhole covers,
Vet hospital scales
Wobbly surfaces such as BOSU® ball,
A board on top of a book or unbalanced thick tree branch,
A wobble board
Wet grass
Ice, frost, or snow if you will live in such areas
Scary sounds
Thunder (CD) Fireworks (CD) Babies and kids (CD) Alarms (CD) Dogs barking (CD) Doorbell wringing (CD) Traffic (like downtown in a city) Jack hammers (CD) Vacuum cleaner (CD) Sirens (CD)