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Whether young or old, large or small, we can transform your dog or cat’s tangled, shaggy fur, into a trimmed and bathed miracle. We use only gentle products and nothing irritating or harsh to pets’ sensitive skin, allowing your pets to enjoy their grooming experience.

Dog grooming is more than just making your dog or cat look great. It has to do with your pet’s health. Matted hair can cause “hot spots” on your dog’s skin. In addition, it traps moisture, which can lead to inflammation and sometimes skin infections. Untrimmed nails can split or tear.

The more matted your dog’s fur, the more the dog will associate grooming with pain. So dealing with matting early is important. Mats over ears can restrict blood flow, and grooming releases this blood and cause bleeding. Also when excessive head shaking after grooming can cause what is known as an ‘ear hematoma’ (bleeding bruises) – at the edges of the dog’s ear flaps – what they are doing is actually bleeding under the skin.

So regular grooming is critically important for your dog or cat’s health.

Fear Free Training

“Take the pet out of petrified” and “Put the treat into treatment!” is how Fear Free Training describes its training. All the Prairie Animal Hospital staff is trained in this method of reducing the stress and anxiety your pet suffers when it comes to into a veterinary hospital environment.

Fear Free Training is especially important for grooming. Grooming services are often some of the most stressful for your pet. With baths, loud blow dryers, noisy clippers, and simply being around other strange dogs and people they are not familiar with – it isn’t surprising that grooming creates anxiety in many pets. Fear Free Training helps your pet adjust and enjoy their time with our groomer.

When your pet feels better — so do you. And Fear Free training not only helps us deliver better care to our patients, but their vital signs are more accurate, and we can provide better diagnosis and treatment options.

Grooming Services

  • Bath with shampoo and blow-dry
  • Dematting
  • Clippers trim
  • Full Scissors cut
  • Nail trim
  • Anal gland expression
  • Ear cleaning/plucking
  • Teeth brushing
  • Flea and tick control
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