Many of us are uncomfortable with loud noises, thunder, strong winds in a storm system. And many of us have been conditioned by previous experiences that left an indelible mark in our memory. Think, for a second, about your pets. Their small size observes these loud noises and change in atmosphere at a much higher level. Even sense of changing barometric pressure. You may observe your pet pacing or trying to hide. They will often pant heavily as well. Whining or crying out is another way that they communicate their fear.

Under NO circumstances should punishment be used. Keeping the pet calm and relaxed in general is a very important part of treatment. Bring the pet inside and help to make comfortable by providing background noise (such as radio or television). Make yourself present. Provide “safe hiding places”. This may be a bathtub, a basket, closet. But some cases may prove to be more serious. That is where medical treatment steps in.

Medications vary by need and range from daily for maintenance, or fast-acting medication to be given as needed, combines with behavior modification. Strategies to treat not only saves lives, but it means the difference between a life of quality or a life of pain and suffering. There are several prescription medications that veterinarians may recommend, but do your homework and choose what feels right for your pet. This is a needed step in the care of anxious pets.

SILEO is a medication prescribed by your veterinarian to help calm your dog when frightened by loud noises. SILEO is different from other treatments and medications because it has proven to be safe and effective without additional training/treatment, it is fast-acting and easy to administer at home, it can be used, as needed, for each event, and it calms without sedating. This allows your pet to interact normally with the family. Adaptil also makes products to help your pet feel more secure. These products release calming pheromones to help pets relax in stressful situations.

We have reached that time of year. Yes, we are excited for warm weather and more sunshine; however, changing temperatures mean more storm front in Central Illinois. Let’s be prepared for our pets as well! Contact us today.