It is Easter time. The scariest time of year!

I know you would have thought the scariest time was Halloween, but for our pet,s Tim Burton stole Easter and not Christmas. Between people buying bunnies (without knowing anything about them), fake Easter grass, Lilly intoxication, ham induced pancreatitis, shrooming doggy style (eating poisonous mushrooms) and all the candy, there is an army of dangers trying to get them deathly sick. It really could be a scary situation for animals everywhere. So what does that mean to us veterinarians? It is chocolate and Lilly toxicity time!  This is the time of year where people lose all logical remembrance that our dogs love toxic chocolate and will eat all that we have hidden around the house faster than a mob of kids chasing the Easter bunny. Veterinary clinics around the U.S  will later be inundated with vomit. As I try to dodge the vomit emanating from my patients (dodgeball style of course), I will probably fail and get some on my clothes. Due to this non dexterity, I will need new clothes and if I work it right, maybe a whole new wardrobe. While the dogs are chasing chocolate, eating ham and vomiting the cats on the other hand have their own nemesis at Easter time.

The wanted notorious (cue the scary music) Easter Lily.

Other veterinary clinics especially cat clinics rally to the cause of saving the kidney this weekend. Kidneys are great organs to have and are at least a little essential to life. Many of us have signed up for this unknown organization just by being in veterinary medicine. Banners waving with kidney pictures on them saying “Pretty kidneys have curves” will be popping up all over the veterinary world this week. I am sure the cause will lead to a marathon at some time in the future. Meanwhile, I will run the marathon of treatments that are inevitable to occur if your cat eats this toxic plant.

Why is it always this weekend that starts the save the kidneys weekend? It is because Easter lilies bloom and are given away by legions of Christian churches to celebrate Jesus’s resurrection. Meanwhile, kitties everywhere try to recreate this blessed event by eating the lily. While their owners’ hope that I can resurrect said kitty after too much damage has occurred after this sacred event. The resurrection was a miracle ordained by GOD! I am not GOD, so please my feline friends don’t tempt the fates by eating Easter Lillys.

So please my purr friends don’t eat the Lilly, save your kidneys and if you have any of these signs below to go to the nearest veterinary hospital.  I beseech you my feline friends like Sarah McLaughlin does on a televised telethon. Don’t Eat the lily. If you fail in your mission of restraint rest assured I will be doing bloodwork and taking good care of you but early intervention is key. So please kitty have patience with us as we draw your blood when you feel like total yuckiness. Please teach your owners before Easter arrives to not allow the notorious Easter Lilly into your home. He is wanted dead or alive.

Common signs to watch for:

  • Inappetance ( not eating)
  • Lethargy (sleeping all day)
  • Hiding
  • Vomiting (gross!)
  • Diarrhea (yucky cleanup)
  • Halitosis (dragon breath)
  • Dehydration
  • Inappropriate urination or thirst (peeing around the house)
  • Seizures
  • Death ( again don’t wait to bring them in till this sign occurs)