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Dog and Cat Services Pricing

Many people have questions about the pricing of their pet’s surgery, and we hope this information will help.

Veterinarian services pricing in Peoria, IL

At Prairie Animal Hospital our veterinary team is passionate about working with our clients to nurture and preserve the human-animal bond by providing compassionate, expert, and affordable veterinary care. We look forward to being there for your pet’s first big adventure and beyond!

Please Note: Prices are subject to change.

Services Pricing

Exam: $57
Medical Waste Fee: $16
Microchip Application: $110

Flea and Heartworm Prevention Pricing

Dog 1-month flea and tick prevention: $37 – $40
Dog 3-month flea and tick prevention: $85 – $90
Dog monthly heartworm prevention: $13 – $20
12-month heartworm injection: $110 – $ 250

Cat 1-month flea, tick and heartworm prevention: $28 – $32
Cat 3-month flea, tick and heartworm prevention: $78 – $82

Vaccination Pricing

DHLPP: $40
Leptospirosis: $29
Lyme: $62
Flu: $51
Bordetella: $48

FVRCP: $30
Leukemia: $43
FVRCP/Leukemia: $73

Dog & Cat
Rabies 1 year: $35
Rabies 3 year: $62

Surgery Pricing

Pre-Anesthetic Bloodwork is required prior to surgery: $138
(plus pain meds and antinausea meds. E-collar is highly recommended. )

Feline Neuter: $174
Feline Spay: $230
Canine Neuter: $391
Canine Spay: $494
Canine Vasectomy: $579