Congratulations on getting a new puppy! It will be a great friendship that will last a lifetime.  You will love bringing a new puppy home with all of the joyous moments to celebrate this holiday this season. You will want to make sure you get it right and try to prevent any hiccups.  Here are 5 tips to help with this important transition:

1. Have all of your puppy supplies before they come home.

You don’t want to go pick up your new puppy and then head straight to the store with them in tow. You could be exposing them to diseases or scary sounds while you are there. You will need the correct food for your puppy, and it can either be dry or canned. A big dog needs large breed puppy food.

2. Remember to Take your time and have lots of Patience.

This is going to be a big adjustment for you and your puppy remember to be patient and take your time with introducing them to new things and routines. Potty training should start the first day you bring them home but remember you won’t be finished for a couple of weeks to months.

3. Start your Training Immediately

Take small steps but start introducing them to their kennel and rewarding them for going into it. Find a trainer that your veterinarian recommends which will work well for you and your pet’s personality. Positive training works best for puppies. Dr. Sophia Yin has a great book called ” The Perfect Puppy in 7 days” and is great research to read at any time.

4. Have your socialization plan ready

Your new puppy is starting to learn to talk and learn appropriate behavior, It is very important to meet fully vaccinated nice dogs. You want to take your time with introducing new pets but definitely do it. Also do it over and over with different dogs. It is like every other friendship they will make over their lifetime. It will take time, kindness and positive experience for your puppies trust to build to like and love their new animal friends.

5. Find your vet and make an appointment to see your vet prior to needing anything.

It’s especially important for a puppy’s first vet visit to be a pleasant experience so that your dog he learns to take trips to the vet in stride. Ask around for referrals, and schedule your first appointment. Your dog will need a check-up and possibly some vaccinations. Call us today