Wellness Memberships

Annual memberships for both dogs and cats!

Affordable Wellness Memberships

Prairie Animal Hospital’s Wellness memberships are affordable, prepaid packages that include a complete array of preventive care services. We have created our own wellness memberships, and many include office visits, dental services, and substantial discounts on other veterinary procedures. All of the memberships offered through Prairie Animal Hospital carry a low monthly payment designed to help you avoid significant veterinary expenses.

Proactive care does not simply treat illness but eliminates problems before they happen. It requires close attention to detail and encompasses everything you can do right for your pet.

Wellness Memberships are designed to save you money on routine services that your pet will need. It is common for our membership subscribers to use all of the services that are offered in each membership. Our clients benefit by having superior care at low-cost pre-packaged prices. Pet Insurance is designed for unanticipated health problems or emergencies. This membership is not pet insurance and not designed to replace pet insurance. However, with wellness memberships, there are no deductibles and no hassles with reimbursement from the insurance company.

Wellness Memberships FAQs

What is a Wellness Membership?
A wellness membership is an annual package of services that includes the optimal preventive health care services that your pet needs to stay happy and healthy. Our wellness memberships are based on the age and the specific needs of each individual pet. Your veterinarian will make a membership recommendation after conducting a comprehensive examination of your pet.

Does My Pet Need a Wellness Membership?
Absolutely. From the time your pet is a puppy or kitten to her most senior years, providing your pet with annual preventive healthcare is the very best gift you can give them. Keeping your pet on a wellness membership helps prevent diseases, and because our memberships include two annual preventive care exams and diagnostic testing, if your pet does get sick it will be detected early on, which results in faster, more effective treatment.

What Is the Next Step If I want to Purchase a Wellness Membership for My Pet?
Call us to schedule an appointment for your pet, and let the receptionist know that you are interested in a wellness membership. Based on the veterinarian’s examination, age, and any other relevant factors, we will recommend the membership that best meets the preventive care needs of your pet. If you decide to purchase the membership that day, any services that were performed which are included in the wellness membership will be covered under the membership. You will be responsible for paying the membership fee and first month’s payment at that time. After that, all monthly payments will be electronically debited from the account of your choice (of course, you always have the option to pay in full).

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